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Snehil Green Zone was incorporated in the year 2021 by Mr. Sonu kr, the first generation entrepreneur. Today, the company enjoys a strong presence in Patna & NCR and has made its position as one of the largest companies in the Real Estate Industry. The company is one of the fastest growing entities in the realty sector with a difference that offers luxury for reasonable costs, excellent customer care levels with highest customer satisfaction.

The Company is managed by highly qualified professionals who are fully engrossed to ensure that the company maintains its high standards in quality construction, timely delivery and customer satisfaction. The company has always strived hard to keep its commitments and thus enjoys an extremely resonant reputation in the construction industry.


The building design is the process of taking a client’s requirements for a new building or making changes to an existing building and translating them into an agreed design that a contractor is then able to construct.

Living Room

The Living room is the space where guests are entertained and where one makes the first impression.​

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This is a basic approach that any architect must take. A kitchen can’t be just a leftover space or a space to be defined at the end of a project. Designers must understand that a kitchen has various flows and different work areas that need to be integrated throughout the entire project.

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Office Space

Office Space

office architecture concepts that we believe have the greatest positive impact on workers. We believe that the following concepts, in particular, make offices much more welcoming and effective: 

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Give your space a refresh with these bedroom decorating ideas. Whether you love classic and traditional or sleek and modern, there’s an idea for every style

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