17,000 of Yeida’s 34,000 allottees yet to get possession

GREATER NOIDA: A report prepared by the Yamuna Expressway industrial development authority (Yeida) containing the database of all properties has revealed that at least 17,000 of the total 34,000 plot allottees are without possession due to court disputes over land pending, in the Allahabad High Court.

Yeida has prepared the database to understand the issues related to each plot, so that it can address the matter and resolve the issues of the plot allottee. (Sunil Ghosh/HT Photo)

Yeida has prepared the database to understand the issues related to each plot, so that it can address the matter and resolve the issues of the plot allottee.

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“We are resolving the issues that trouble an allottee and to do that we need exact information about each plot be it residential, industrial or housing among other categories. This database is helping us to understand the issues and soon the authority will address the issues of all allottees,” said chief executive officer (Yeida) Arun Vir Singh.

YEIDA compiled the database of its over 34,000 plot allottees, following a survey in industrial, institutional, residential, and mixed land use – within the 13 existing sectors, which are being developed in the last 10 years.

The database helps in ensuring that the authority has the most current and accurate information about every plot, including details of their allotment and allottees.

If there were some obstacles on a plot post-allotment, the authority will have precise information about these issues.

“We have directed officers to conduct periodic reviews and continuously update the database. Out of the total 34,000 plots in these 13 sectors of Yamuna, 30,358 have been allotted. The allotment letter of 1,181 plots could not be issued due to legal issues,” said another Yeida official not authorised to speak to the media.

There are 15,368 plots of which the registry is done in favour of buyers and the authority is yet to prepare the lease plan of around 17,000 plots due to the legal dispute with the farmers. There are 359 plots that are subject to court stays due to various reasons, including farmers’ protests,” the official added.

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Five residential sectors — 16, 17, 18, 20, and 22D — have around 30,034 plots. The Yeida had started the development of these sectors in 2008 onwards. However, most of the plot allottees are yet to build their houses in these sectors because they are yet to get the basic facilities.

Sectors 17A and 22E are designated for institutional development, with 170 plots, of which 130 are allotted, and 85 have been registered.

The four industrial sectors —28, 29, 32, and 33 — contain 3,341 plots. Yeida has allotted 2,994 plots out of 3,341. And 1,995 out of 2,994 are registered in the name of the allottees.

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And, the sectors 24 and 24A are mixed land use sectors, with a total of 41 plots, of which 8 have been allotted and registered.

“The basic civic facilities such as roads, water, electricity, sewers, and parks have been completed on 15,541 plots. The development of amenities on 8,077 plots is progressing rapidly, and there are challenges in developing facilities on 9,523 plots due to the different disputes,” said an official.

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The plot allottees want the authority must develop the basic facilities without delay since they have been waiting for the last many years.

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